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IHData provide services for decision-makers and are divided in three groups:


  • Metocean data: provide time series of metocean parameters from our metocean datasets that are configured to provide an accurate metocean parameters for any location on the Earth.
  • Climate Analysis & Characterization: we offer a customized metocean analysis to characterize the metocean conditions, the contains of the metocean analysis will depend on the requirements. A requirement can be to provided the required analysis by the standards for an offshore wind farm that will include the Normal Sea State, the Severe Sea State and Extreme Sea State.
  • Custom Climate Products: our team of expert have vast experience modelling metocean conditions associated with the waves, wind, sea level and currents. We can use state-of-the-art numerical models and configurations to simulate coastal and offshore processes for a specific zone, improving the metocean information and provide suitable information for the needs of the client.

We do not just sell data, we sell the best data for whatever you need.

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