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Climate Analysis & Characterization

A service developed by the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of UniversiDAD DE Cantabria

What is Climate Analysis & Characterization?

The service provides a customized metocean analysis to characterize the metocean conditions, the contains of the metocean analysis will depend on the requirements. A requirement could be to provide the required analysis by the standards for an offshore wind farm that would include the Normal Sea State, the Severe Sea State and Extreme Sea State.

Climate Analysis & Characterization service can provide a wide range of analytical processing technique including:

    • Probability and quantile roses.
    • Long-term distributions.
    • Joint probability distributions and scatter tables.
    • Seasonal variability characterization
    • Tabulated statistics and quantiles.
    • Omnidirectional, directional and monthly analysis.
    • Wave spectra analysis
    • Persistence exceedance/non-exceedance matrices.
    • Tidal analysis and predictions.
    • Extreme return values associated to metocean parameters and related distributions of Omnidirectional, directional and monthly values.
    • Normal Sea State, Severe Sea State and Extreme Sea State characterization
    • Environmental contours with the Inverse First-Order Reliability Method (IFORM).
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