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MetOcean Data

A service developed by the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of UniversiDAD DE Cantabria

What services are offered by MetOcean Data? 

This is the most requested service from IHData. This service involves providing the client with climatic data on metocean variables at a specific location. This data typically includes information about wave conditions, wind, or sea level, although other parameters can be provided if they are available. The data provided is validated, and if required, can also be calibrated with available instrumental measurements.

The metocean data is from our databases that are generated with numerical models that are configured to provide future an accurate historical wind, wave and sea level data for any location on the Earth.

We usually provide parameters associated wind, wave and sea level although other metocean parameters could be provided if they are available in our datasets or as output in our models.

The service includes the following a comprehensive report that includes: data source, validation and calibration, and climatic characterization, offering the data in various formats such as: .txt, .xlsx, .mat, or .nc

    • A report with all the information and references.
    • Description of the data sources and models with a summary of the validation.
    • Time-series of metocean parameters at specific location in regular text format with a header.
    • Validation and calibration with available instrumental measurements in the location.
    • Basic characterization of the mean and extreme climate.
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